We’ve got you covered.

Life is complicated enough, let us help with the day-to-day tasks. A relaxing haircut and style, you say? Need help packing and shipping your boxes? Banking and financial needs? Need your phone repaired or a great physical therapist? We’re here to help. Midtown Crossing retailers are conveniently located and open to serve you throughout the week. Check out the many retail offerings and simplify your life.  One step at a time. Click here for directory map.

Life made simple.


Midtown Crossing is home to numerous retailers who offer a wide variety of services, making the neighborhood a great place to visit and a convenient place to live. 
With plentiful entertainment options, restaurants, and convenient shops and services, Midtown Crossing is a great place to visit whether you’re in town for business, attending a festival, or looking for a place to live.
Midtown Crossing has something for you.