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Midtown Crossing

A community that sits at the intersection of everything Omaha. A vibrant, urban neighborhood activated in the heart of our thriving community. Eclectic neighborhood eateries and locally-fueled businesses. Lively, free events nestled in Turner Park‘s scenic green space serve as an approachable gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

Midtown Crossing. An unprecedented experience in a sophisticated, modern, open-air setting.

You belong here. 

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Group dining on patio at Smokin Oak in Midtown Crossing

Omaha’s Best Restaurants

Experience the flavors of Midtown Crossing, where Omaha’s favorite restaurants offer a diverse selection for spending time with friends, enjoying. A quick lunch, indulging in happy hour, hosting a catered gathering or exploring mouthwatering culinary delights to suit every taste. Midtown restaurants, nestled in Omaha’s urban core, have something for everyone. Freshly made guacamole, mac and ‘shews, margherita pizza, pad Thai, avocado toast – there’s plenty to choose from. But that’s not all — beyond the eclectic dining scene, the neighborhood pulsates with events and entertainment opportunities, adding more to your experience than just food and drinks.

Things to Do in Omaha

 Midtown Crossing bursts with an enticing range of entertainment options, continuous opportunities for fun-filled activities and things to do in Omaha! Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Turner Park, where a dynamic event calendar awaits, boasting beloved concerts like Omaha’s iconic Jazz on the Green and lively festivals sure to delight. Neighborhood foodie crawls add to the synergy and excitement. Embrace your playful side at Spielbound Board Game Cafe or your creative side at Corky Canvas. With plenty of captivating pop-up opportunities, Midtown Crossing ensures your calendars will stay filled and your spirits will soar

The scene at Night Market in Midtown Crossing
Group of people sipping Thirst Tea in Turner Park at Midtown Crossing in Omaha

Convenient Shops

Midtown Crossing neighborhood shops and service retailers cater to diverse needs and simplify life. Locally fueled retailers offer assistance with day-to-day tasks, be it a haircut, banking solutions, phone repairs, or physical therapy services. Midtown retailers, including a local grocer, ensure convenience is always at your fingertips.

Easy access to Farnam Street, along with ample and convenient parking in on-site parking garages means more time with friends and family. Embrace simplicity one step at a time by exploring the diverse retail offerings, all designed to make your life more manageable. 

Omaha’s Scenic Turner Park

Explore Turner Park – Omaha’s vibrant urban oasis in Midtown Crossing. Spanning across 7.5 acres, this revitalized public space offers contemporary charm and diverse activities. 

Immerse yourself in Turner Park’s lively atmosphere, featuring a dynamic calendar of events. Enjoy curated concerts, festivals and celebrations, including signature, free events like Jazz on the Green, Omaha’s original Night Market and outdoor fitness classes, making each visit to Turner Park unforgettable. 

Welcome to Turner Park, where Omaha’s spirit thrives. 

landscaping in Omaha's scenic Turner Park
Dog attending an event in Turner Park at Midtown Crossing

Dog-Friendly Neighborhood in Omaha

Dog lovers, this one’s for you. Discover a spacious dog friendly place in Omaha at Turner Park and Midtown Crossing! Enjoy ample space to walk your furry friend, with a sprawling 7.5-acre park featuring green grass, trees, and bushes. Convenient dog relief stations and water bowls are placed throughout the neighborhood for convenience. Embrace the year-round opportunity to let your dog enjoy fresh air and endless fun, with numerous nearby activities and events in the park where leashed dogs are always welcome. At Midtown Crossing, we’ve sniffed out the best spots and experiences for you and your beloved canine companion to create unforgettable memories together!