What’s the Dill, Omaha?

Who knew our city had such a passion for pickles? In case you missed out on the zesty fun, hundreds came to Midtown Crossing on Saturday, March 23 – a celebration so big, it turned pickles into the life of the party!

Pickle enthusiasts from all corners of Omaha, decked out in green attire, gathered for the first-ever Midtown Pickle Party. It was a pickle paradise! Be sure and check out KETV’s coverage of the event here.

Pickle lovers gathered in Midtown Crossing

Midtown Crossing was transformed into a pickle lover’s dreamland. Participating retailers pulled out all the stops, serving up creative pickle-themed drinks and delectable nibbles. It was a pickle-icious adventure with surprises around every corner – talk about a recipe for a good time! The restaurants seriously knocked it out of the park with creative takes on pickles! Fried pickle burgers, spicy pickle margaritas, pickle mac and cheese?  Who knew pickles could be so fun? Empire Room Omaha opened their doors, served delicious pickle-themed drinks to guests and pulled out fun games and activities.

And who could resist snapping a selfie with the one and only Mr. Pickle from Pickleman’s? The neighborhood was alive with green-clad revelers, all eager to partake in the pickle-packed festivities.

Link to Pickle Party Video
Click here for a video recap of the event.

And the winner is……

It gets even better! Attendees had the chance to vote for their favorite pickle creation, with the grand prize being a whole year’s supply of pickles from Wohlner’s Grocery. Yes, you read that right – a year’s worth of pickles! Because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a pickle pantry stocked throughout the year?!

Empire Room Omaha and Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza + Taproom battled it out for the prestigious “Big Dill” award, and guess what? It was a tie! The competition was fierce, the votes were counted (and re-counted), but in the end, both contenders emerged victorious, proving that when it comes to pickles, everyone’s a winner!

Event season is on the horizon

But fear not, if you missed out on the pickle-packed fun, Midtown Crossing is just getting started. With event season on the horizon, there’s no shortage of excitement in store. From live music, cocktail crawls, Night Market, Jazz on the Green and everything in between, Midtown Crossing is the place to be for good times and great memories.

Mark your calendars Omaha, gather your friends and family, and stay tuned for all the latest updates on upcoming events at Midtown Crossing.

You won’t want to miss out on the event or announcement – because in Midtown, there’s always something exciting happening!

Smokin' Oak at Midtown Crossing with Mr Pickle

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