Omaha’s Modern Streetcar Unveils Future Stops to include Midtown Crossing

Get ready to explore Omaha in a whole new way – the city’s modern streetcar is gearing up to revolutionize transportation in Omaha’s urban core. Future stops along the route promise exciting destinations, and one standout location is the Midtown Crossing neighborhood at 31st and Farnam – a vibrant hub of activity and entertainment that perfectly aligns with the streetcar’s vision.

Game-changing project for Omaha

As we eagerly count down to the streetcar’s grand opening projected for 2027, you might be interested in some of the details of this game-changing project. The initial phase is set to feature 16 strategically placed stops, seamlessly connecting 39th Street to downtown Omaha.

And here’s the fun part. Midtown Crossing, a key neighborhood along the way, stands out as a gateway to major entertainment venues, city parks, community services, churches, and complementary public transit options.  Simply put, it’s the perfect homebase.  Park, grab dinner and head to your event!

Midtown Crossing is ready

Midtown Crossing is a launchpad for a delightful day or evening. It’s a chance to take advantage of convenient garage and street parking by exploring the eclectic neighborhood eateries and locally-fueled businesses and then head to your next destination, via streetcar. Perfect plan.

Whether you’re meeting a friend for lunch, grabbing a quick haircut at Garbo’s Salon & Spa between work calls, indulging in ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery after dinner, or enjoying a cup of coffee at Stories Coffee Company with a loved one, Farnam Street between 31st Ave and 33rd Ave has it all. And, it’s the ideal landing pad before a lively streetcar ride!

The Modern Streetcar is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a ticket to a city growing towards accessibility, equity, and sustainability. The arrival of this modern streetcar is a clear sign that Omaha is on track to becoming a world-class city, enticing new businesses and young professionals to call it home.

Future Stops on the Route

The Omaha Streetcar Project is making strides, with “Future Boarding Zone” signs recently installed along the route. These signs serve as beacons, marking the approximate locations of the 16 streetcar stops scheduled for operation in 2027.

Stations will be strategically placed, either roadside for one-directional travel or in the median for those heading east or west. Each location has been meticulously chosen based on thorough analysis and input from residents and business owners along the route. These stops will act as vital connectors, linking 13 distinct districts and destinations, including major medical facilities, universities, cultural centers, and entertainment hotspots, alongside promising development opportunities.

Midtown Crossing is part of the equation

Midtown Crossing plays a pivotal role, showcasing the transformative power of the streetcar and the overall vision. Success stories from Midtown Crossing, shared by local businesses highlight the positive impact on foot traffic and the city as a whole.  

“We’re absolutely thrilled about the Modern Streetcar coming to Omaha,” says Dan and Maribeth Yaksich, owner of Smokin’ Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom and Graze Craze (opening soon at Midtown Crossing). “This strategic initiative is not only great for our business, providing increased foot traffic, but it’s also a fantastic step forward for the entire city of Omaha.”

Urban Core Strategic Plan

What’s more, the Omaha streetcar will be free to ride, serving as a cornerstone of the Urban Core Strategic Plan. The fixed rails of the streetcar are more than just tracks – they’re the foundation for growth, enhancing multi-modal transportation alternatives and acting as a catalyst for employment growth, talent recruitment and retention, higher density expansion, and economic development.

Ready, set, GO!

So, let the excitement build as we eagerly await the day when Omaha’s modern streetcar becomes a reality, shaping the city’s future and offering residents and visitors alike an extraordinary way to experience all that Omaha has to offer! Stay in the loop via Your journey is about to begin!

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