Meet Shawn Williams: The Man Behind the Magic at Cold Stone Creamery in Midtown Crossing

Ice cream enthusiasts and Omaha locals alike, we’re shining the spotlight on none other than Shawn Williams, the creative local entrepreneur behind not just one, but six Cold Stone Creamery locations sprinkled throughout the Omaha area. He’s a remarkable businessperson who’s been serving up smiles and sweet treats for years!

Born and raised right here in the heart of Nebraska, in Ralston, Shawn’s journey to becoming a king of cold confections wasn’t exactly a straight scoop. After graduating from Creighton University with a degree in accounting and briefly delving into the world of CPA, Shawn realized that crunching numbers wasn’t where his heart lay. And thank goodness for that, because otherwise, the Midtown Crossing community might never have experienced the joy of his delectable creations!

Sporting events and everything ice cream

A die-hard fan of the Creighton Bluejays, Shawn’s loyalty to his alma mater runs deep. “If I’m not working, I’m at a sporting event, either my children’s or a Creighton Bluejay or Husker sporting event,” he quips. And let’s not forget his allegiance to the Kansas City Chiefs – after all, who didn’t enjoy that epic Super Bowl victory?

The real scoop

But let’s get down to the real scoop – Shawn’s favorite flavor at Cold Stone Creamery. Drumroll, please! It’s none other than the Coffee Lovers Delight – a heavenly blend of rich coffee ice cream swirled with decadent Heath bar, gooey caramel, and crunchy almonds. Just one taste, and you’ll understand why it’s his ultimate indulgence! (And maybe why he left the accounting world!)

A little fun fact about Shawn

Willy the Clown

When he’s not busy concocting mouthwatering masterpieces or cheering on his favorite teams, Shawn can be found immersing himself in the world of leadership and business. From devouring books on leadership to tuning into Tony Robbins podcasts, he’s always seeking inspiration to take his entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level.

Now, here’s a little-known fact that’ll have you smiling like a kid in a candy store – did you know that Shawn used to be a Shriner Clown? That’s right, folks! Decked out as “Willy the Clown,” he brought joy and laughter to audiences at the Shriner Circus in downtown Omaha. And if that isn’t impressive enough, he’s also a skilled juggler!

Super premium ice cream

At Cold Stone Creamery, every scoop tells a story, and Shawn Williams’ passion for quality, creativity and community is evident throughout the store.  So, the next time you’re craving a sweet escape, swing by Cold Stone Creamery in Midtown Crossing and treat yourself to a taste of these extraordinary creations. You’ll find the best of both worlds – Cold Stone Creamery and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – together in one location in Midtown Crossing! Cold Stone Creamery’s “super-premium” ice cream is made fresh in the store every day. At the customer’s direction — and much to their delight — it can be blended on a frozen granite stone with fruit, nuts, candy, cookies and brownies. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory offers an extensive line of premium chocolates, caramel apples, and other confectionery products to the retail mix.

Ice Cream Cakes too!

Ice Cream Cakes are handcrafted with the freshest ingredients, combining your favorite ice cream flavors and mix-ins! Cold Stone Ice Cream Cakes are the life of every party, event or special occasion. Enjoy a Signature Cake or Create-Your-Own!

Trust us, your taste buds will thank you later! C’mon by Cold Stone Creamery in Midtown Crossing soon!

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