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Thirst Tea Cafe

We enjoy tea. Okay…we love tea and we want to share that passion with everyone. Thirst-Tea Cafe offers flavor-infused teas, from Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea Blend to Matcha Milky Tea. Select your drink and choose from a variety of toppings (including our signature “bobas”) then we’ll sweeten it to perfection. As always, “Stay Thirst-Tea”!

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is the popular name given to the variety of refreshing flavored fruit teas and milk teas served cold or hot with tapioca balls that you suck up through a fat straw. Its like a snack and a drink at the same time! Many refer to the tapioca balls as “boba” or “pearls” and then others just call it “bubbles.” But the true origins of the name “bubble tea” comes from the frothy bubbles that appear when the drinks are shaken during preparation.

During the 1980s in Taiwan, bubble tea was invented by Liu Han-Chieh who began adding Tapioca ‘pearls’ into the iced fruit mixed teas, which sat at the bottom of the clear cups and thus creating “Bubble Tea!” With a ‘base’ of antioxidant rich green tea or black/red tea , our teas are infused with natural fruit flavors, and iced to perfection, then topped off with a delicious topping that complements the fruit flavor. But to really experience the taste of bubble tea, you are just gonna have to try if for yourself! Learn More


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