Table of food from Ray's

Ray’s Pizza, Wings & Drinks

Ray’s Wings, Pizza & Drinks is a fan favorite nestled in Midtown Crossing, enriching its dynamic and affordable dining collection. 

Ray Bullock, the proud owner of Ray’s Wings Pizza & Drinks, relishes the friendships they’ve made and the vibrant energy of midtown. The place feels fresh and invigorating, as it continues to delight patrons from around the region. 

Omaha’s Best Chicken Wings  

Specializing in mouthwatering chicken wings, Ray’s offers 18 different sauces, most of which are proudly homemade in their kitchen, infusing each dish with authentic flavors. 

Sports Bar Omaha 

When you step into Ray’s, you’ll discover the perfect spot for relaxation, game-watching, or enjoying the patio with a cold beer and classic pub food. As a family-owned business, they prioritize taking care of their cherished customers. 

Ray’s is best known for their award-winning Buffalo Style chicken wings and Chicken Fingers, available with the ever-addicting Buffalo Style sauce or their homemade BBQ sauce. Alongside these mouthwatering wings, they offer a delectable selection of handmade burgers and other griddle favorites. Daily specials, homemade soups, and delightful holiday/seasonal themed items add to the variety.  

Locally-Owned & Operated – from Buffalo to Omaha! 

Ray’s takes pride in its history, which began in Buffalo, NY, where Ray first fell in love with chicken wings in the 1960s. Working at a local pizzeria in the 70s, he honed his skills, and it took another 20 years for the chicken wing craze to take Omaha by storm. 

Ray and his son Tom previously ran the restaurant out of a south Omaha bar. Prior to that, the family had a restaurant with the same name in Ralston, where they were voted the best chicken wing in Omaha for ten consecutive years. 

Whether you opt for take-out or decide to sit down and enjoy, Ray’s Wings Pizza & Drinks promises an unrivaled experience of indulging in top-notch wings and beer.


200 S. 31st Ave.
Omaha, NE 68131

West end of Turner Park Patio


(402) 884-5300