7 Cozy Tips for Hibernation this Season

Yep, it’s that time of year when the chill is in the air, the frost is on the trees and the dark nights makes the word “cozy” the best word of the season.  You’ve no doubt put away your holiday décor (or, at least thought about it!), watched endless episodes of Netflix and tidied your closet and yet you still crave new ideas and ways to take advantage of these chilly winter months.  Well, look no further than Omaha’s coziest neighborhood, Midtown Crossing. We’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 fun things you can do to beat the winter blues:

1. Seriously, Smokin’ Oak Wood Fired Pizza + Tap Room has all the right ingredients for surviving the cold winter months.  Two words. Winter Bundle.  Garlicky yummy warm cheese bread, two delicious pizzas made from a killer signature pizza dough recipe AND…..hold on to your chair…..cinnamon glazed knots that will become your new guilty pleasure.  All for just $26.95.  

2. GET IN THE GYM.  It’s fun.  And you’ll be glad you did. The team at Genesis Health Club has your back.  Hire a trainer for a few sessions because, bottom line, they know what they’re doing. They’ll push you and you’ll feel better.  Honest. And they won’t make you do burpees if you don’t want to.  What are you training for?  Call Genesis today and book your first session.

3. The smoothest, most delicious Old Fashioned you’ll ever experience.  Honestly, your taste buds will thank you forever and you’ll be warm and cozy in minutes.  The bartenders at Proof Whiskey + Craft Cocktails just get it.  Their attention to detail, the quality of their whiskey, the glass, the ice cubes.  It’s all just perfect. And smooth.  And the best way to enjoy the cold winter season.

4. Ok, let’s talk about sauce. Because sauce is critical. Buffalo, Korean BBQ, Tequila lime, Honey BBQ, Sweet Chili.  Your fingers, your tastebuds will start doing the jig.  The folks at Rays Wings, Pizza and Drinks have done this a long time and their menu is the best in Omaha.  There’s something for everyone… but you’ll probably start with the wings.

5. Your hair is dry.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  But there’s hope.  The incredibly knowledgeable staff at Garbo’s Salon + Spa can fix you up. Maybe a slight trim, maybe a product line that actually works for YOUR hair. They know what they’re doing.  Plus, they’re all just so friendly and fun.  Call for your appointment today.

6. Did someone say woof? Long Dog Fat Cat did and they’re feeding furry carnivores throughout the Omaha area.  Independently owned, premium protein pet foods AND grooming services will put a smile on Fido’s face.  Located on Farnam Street, stop in today. And bring Fido for a fun treat!

7. They’re coming to visit, AGAIN?  They were just HERE!  How about you give the friendly team at the Element Hotel a call.  They’ve mastered an open, energizing environment with extra space, CLEAN design and natural light.  If you need to book a room, or YOU need a fun Omaha staycation idea, give the Element a call today.

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