New Culinary Concept Now Open in Midtown Crossing

Chef2, a homegrown and deliciously distinct retailer, is now open in Midtown Crossing, Omaha’s award-winning urban development.

Owned by two local chefs, Jim Trebbien and Mike Combs, Chef2 carries a wide selection of products including over three-dozen varieties of olive oil and vinegar, sea salts and health and beauty products. All purchases will be bottled at the time of sale, including the contents of custom-designed gift baskets.

The chef owners are also promising a slate of unique, hands-on experiences including tastings, demonstrations and classes on the multiple applications of heart-healthy olive oil and vinegars in sweet and savory products. “The classes we will offer, our gift baskets and our unique mix of great products will make us the place for professional chefs, home cooks and people who just want to give memorable gift baskets to go,” said Trebbien.

Chef2 is located at 3157 Farnam St. The store’s leadership team is a mix of culinary insight and business experience. Trebbien is the dean of Metropolitan Community College’s Institute for Culinary Arts (ICA) and Combs is a longtime chef in the Omaha area and ICA’s current executive chef. Trebbien’s son, Ben, a Wayne State business graduate, will also serve as the Chef2 business manager and has an ownership stake in the store. Local entrepreneur Shirley Neary, founder of Cupcake Island and 21st Century Quilts, is involved in the venture as well.

After months of planning, preparation, and hard work, they’re thrilled to be welcoming customers. “Opening a business involves a lot of red tape. Midtown Crossing and Mutual of Omaha have made the process much easier,” said Jim Trebbien. And, that’s just one of the reasons they’re excited about their location, calling midtown Omaha and Midtown Crossing desired destinations in Omaha.“You feel good just being there,” Trebbien continued. “Every single shop owner is super friendly and nice.”

19th June 2013 News, Retail